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Shipping and handling

Please read carefully the terms of shipping:
In order for the shipment to be delivered to the customer/buyer on time, it is necessary, when registering, to list a valid delivery address and it is optional to add phone NO. In case of ordering accessories you will be contact directly from our administration. Because the price of accessories is depending of few different factors like destination country or weight of the pacage.  In case of ordering only the scens of postcards or scens of collectibles the shipping is free of charge because it is digital form. If those scens are in pritable version like reproductions they can be delivered as other items.
During buying process you will be able to choose between the following shipping options for your items:

This option is free of charge (depending on the arrangement, the items can be picked up after payment or during payment is that is a arranged option. For something like that please contact as.

Price of regular mail is depending of quantity of items not of the delivery adress.
When you select in section of shipping this kind of mail, program can calculate price for this kind of mail according to Number of items.

From 1-4 items-price is 1 E.
From 5-15 items-price is 2 E
From 16-35 items-price is 4 E.
More then 36 items-price is 10 E.

Price for the registered mail is depending of delivery adress. For croatian or czech citizens the price of the registered mail is fixed and it is 2E.
For other citizens of Eu or other countries price for registered mail is as listed:

From 1-4 items-price is 4 E.
From 5-15 items-price is 5 E
From 16-35 items-price is 7 E.
More then 36 items-price is 15 E.

The fee for insured mail won t be calculated in price. If you selects this option you will receive futher informations by mail. The price of insured mail is dependig of the value, weight and delivery address.

This option is possible on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, by using either Croatian Post or City Express as shipping carriers. When choosing this category, it is essential that you state the time at which you are able to receive the shipment.
HP price list
City Express price list


Costs of the listed shipping methods, except for personally collecting the item, are not included in the price and are charged extra.

The shipment is delivered  on the territory of the Republic of Croatia in 3-5 business days after payment
In case you do not pick up the items on time but you have received the notice of shipment delivery, you bear the costs of returning the item to the us and re-sending. You will be given an invoice for these costs which you will need to pay before the item is shipped again.
If you paid the costs during business days (Monday – Friday) the purchased items are shipped to the buyer by the chosen shipping method the day after the transaction has been made, at the earliest. If the transaction was made on Saturday, the items are shipped on the first following business day.

Terms of shipping for payment by bank transfer, paypal and mooneybookers. 

Items are not shipped based on a payment receipt, but rather, the items are shipped after the payment has been transferred to the giro-account. When paying in Croatian banks, this is usually the following business day and in most cases, two business days after the day of payment. For transactions from abroad, it takes three to seven days for the payment to clear.
If you want the item to be shipped to you as soon as possible using this method of payment, please fill out a HUB 1 form and write in the correct account number because this can significantly affect the speed of delivery, and make the payment in a bank until noon.